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Prepared to Venture into Uncharted Waters

High D's generally feel in control of situations they are in, or that they have the power to change the situation they are in. As such, they are not scared of new situations or venturing into uncharted waters. This personality strength can be very valuable to businesses and you should make the most of it in interviews if you are a high D. Since it comes naturally to you, you might not realise that this strength is something that many people don't possess. If you are not a high D, then this strength canbe cultivated - remember that everyone can exhibit any of the 4 DISC factors at different times although someone who is naturally high D will find it far easier to impress people with their fearless attitude.

The primary reason why this personality strength exists so strongly in high D personality types is that they tend to look upon most situations with the same attitude, even situations they are familiar with.  That is, they look at the current situation as being unfavourable but that they have the power and control to change it. This does not generally differ with new and unfamiliar situations where they can quickly cut to the chase, discover what is critical to the success of this situation and start to control it or exert power over it in order to change the situation to their desire.

As with every strength, this strength has it's downsides - other, non high D personality types may see you as fearless, a characteristic you no doubt cherish, but that they may translate into being blind to the dangers of new situations. If you have this strength of being prepared to venture into uncharted waters, you can minimise this negative impact and avoid it becoming, or appearing as, a weakness by listening to others and explaining that you understand their concerns and that you'd love for them to help you mitigate them but that you are not afraid to fail. Particularly, explain how you see similarities with other situations/projects, what you see as the critical path and how you understand that the other elements not on the critical path are important but that you believe in the team to overcome them - this is why you are not afraid.

Business benefits of 'Prepared to venture into uncharted waters':

  • Quickly grasps what is needed to control new situations
  • Can lead a team exceptionally well in unproven/cutting edge areas
  • They come across as fearless - give them your scariest project and they will love you for it but make sure they bring everyone with them as they may have a tendency to do it their way only
  • Sees the 'critical path' incredibly quickly
When someone has a natural strength it is easy to train them in it and make them superb at related skills. With this strength they love the freedom that new waters give them to determine how things are done - to control and exert power over the new situation and make sure everything is done their way.

How to become better at venturing into uncharted waters

This strength comes about as a result of a desire to have freedom to determine how things are done combined with a habit of exerting power and control over their environment. This makes people with this strength appear fearless and occasionally others will view them as reckless. To improve at this skill you must develop your ability to see quickly what matters in new situations (the critical path), to recognise patterns from previous projects and be prepared to put non-critical concerns about the new situation to the back of your mind - believe and practice that you and your team will be able to handle them when it comes to it.

Training Materials

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What now?

You should decide which strength you wish to extend the most or which weakness you wish to mitigate and purchase one or more of the training materials available at the bottom of each strength/weakness page.

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