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Top UK Companies

You should spend a fair amount of time considering which company to apply to.  You are going to be traveling to this company daily, working there, living and breathing there and socialising with people from there for the next few years.  Depending on your answers to the Career Selection checklist the position you are applying for may not yet be your dream job - it may be a stepping stone - so which company is going to help you get to the next stage in your career?

Keep your selection of companies to a minimum.  There is a trend of people using a 'scatter gun' approach to apply for jobs - don't do this, it's counter-productive.   

Here's some questions to ask yourself about the companies you are considering applying to.

  • What is this company like to work for?  Search online to find others experiences.
  • Does this company care about their employees?
  • How long do people tend to stay at this company?
  • Do they invest in their people?  i.e. will they give you training and is it something you're going to be able to ask for at interview/salary negotiation?
  • Is the salary competitive for the position being offered?
  • Do they have a habit of promoting from within or hiring from without?
  • Is there much of a company social life?  (you may not want this of course, but it's still a valid question for you to figure out the answer to so you know what's going to be expected of you)

Check and see if the companies you are applying to are in any of the top lists or have won awards for looking after their employees.  Here's a link to The Sunday Times Top 100 as an example.

If you can't answer all the questions above before you apply, you may want to consider asking some of them at the interview.

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