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Matiogi - Personality Reports (Strengths and Limitations)

Strengths and Limitations

Private and Confidential

Mr Pitstop

Strengths & Limitations

Work Mask


Self Image

This report is a summary of Mr Pitstop's positive behavioural traits which can be interpreted as "Working Strengths". These are the traits which he brings to the job role, team or organisation. It is not to be concluded that he will use all of these strengths at any one given time, but rather that he usually feels most comfortable employing these traits to perform his job.

Possible Limitations, on the other hand, are usually behavioural traits, which can be seen as personal shortcomings in the individual. These are driving forces in the Mr Pitstop's behaviour which can irk or irritate colleagues. In all probability these are the areas of the person's work based behaviour, which could benefit most from training, development or support.


  • Exhibiting poise.

  • Motivating others to act.

  • Entertaining people.

  • Participating in the community.

  • Complies with the rules.

  • Will adhere to procedure.

  • Good at criticising performance.

  • Good problem-solver.


  • Tends to make decisions based on surface analysis.

  • Can be unrealistic when appraising people.

  • Tends to trust people indiscriminately.

  • Can have difficulty with time management.

  • Looks for full explanation before changes are accepted.

  • Will yield position to avoid controversy.

  • Outside own area of expertise can be very easily led.

  • Can resist participation as part of the team.