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Strengths And Weaknesses List

Below we provide a full work-based strengths and weaknesses list and coverage of how to handle the strengths and weaknesses questions at interview. Discover your own strengths by taking our DISC Assessment Test.

How to use our strengths and weaknesses list

Identifying and understanding your strengths and weaknesses is critical in CV/Resume and interview preparation. We have also developed an automatic system which will outline your strengths and weaknesses for you which you can use in addition to this list. For fastest results, take the DISC Assessment Test now.

We provide guides for each strength in this list showing you how to improve and capitalise on your strength and then for weaknesses we provide information and help to mitigate your weaknesses.

Tips for Strengths and Weaknesses At Interviews

At interview, only talk about weaknesses which you can either transform into strengths or you can demonstrate you've managed to overcome through training. WARNING: DON'T follow the bad advice of some other sites and use weaknesses such as "I'm a perfectionist" or "I work too hard" - these are obvious and when interviewers hear them what they actually hear is "I do not know myself, I'm not self-aware, therefore I will be a bad team-mate or my weaknesses are too big to talk about openly and I will be a disastrous hire" - you don't want the interviewer thinking any of this.

For a better example, I personally have historically had a problem with 'time management' but I've overcome this through training and use of various systems including something called 'Time Boxing'. I can now talk about this comfortably at interview as it is no longer an active weakness at work, although it still exists in my underlying behaviour as a natural tendency.

It's important that you talk about a weakness which is ACTUALLY YOURS as good interviewers at the better companies will be talented at spotting which weaknesses people are likely to have. If they are using psychometrics (such as the products we sell) then they will actually be forewarned about your likely weaknesses prior to meeting you. You should not be afraid of this - instead, learn your weaknesses and work with a little training to overcome or reduce them - then talk about these efforts you've made when talking about your weaknesses.

When you talk about your weaknesses openly and the training you've used to overcome then what employers/interviewers hear is "I am confident, self-aware and committed to improving myself so I can be of more benefit to my company". That's a far stronger message to get across.

Understanding Your Own Strengths And Weaknesses

The strengths and weaknesses list presented below is grouped into 4 sections, for each factor of the DISC profiling system. Learn more about DISC personality types here.

The personality strengths are listed first, in order of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness then Compliance DISC factors followed by the weaknesses in the same order.

For BEST and EASIEST results, Take Our DISC Assessment and we'll automatically tell you what your strengths & weaknesses are, plus much much more...

Strengths List

High D - dominance - strengths list

The first factor in the DISC system is Dominance. People with a high D in their personality profile tend to have the following strengths:

High I - influence - strengths list

The second factor in the DISC system is Influence. People with a high I in their personality profile tend to have the following strengths:

High S - steadiness - strengths list

The third factor in the DISC system is Steadiness. People with a high S in their personality profile tend to have the following strengths:

High C - compliance - strengths list

The fourth and final factor in the DISC system is Steadiness. People with a high S in their personality profile tend to have the following strengths:

  • Likes to follow instructions and directions.
  • Very interested in quality.
  • Good at concentrating on detail.
  • Prefers to operate under controlled circumstances.
  • Tends to be diplomatic with people.
  • Checks for accuracy
  • Complies with the rules
  • Will adhere to procedure.
  • Will seek to avoid trouble.
  • Good at criticising performance.

+1 the page to reveal 40 natural strengths. Alternatively, take our DISC Assessment to discover your strengths automatically.

Weaknesses List

High D - dominance - personality weaknesses

  • May overstep prerogatives.
  • Tends to act restlessly.
  • Can inspire fear in others at times.
  • May override people.
  • Can be blunt and sarcastic.
  • May sulk if not in the limelight.
  • Is critical and faultfinding.
  • May not take care of the fine detail.
  • Becomes dissatisfied with routine.
  • Can resist participation as part of the team.

High I - influence - personality weaknesses

  • More concerned with popularity than results.
  • May oversell.
  • Can act impulsively at times.
  • May be inconsistent in drawing conclusions.
  • Tends to make decisions based on surface analysis.
  • Can be unrealistic when appraising people.
  • May be inattentive to detail.
  • Tends to trust people indiscriminately.
  • Can have difficulty with time management.
  • Can appear superficial.

High S - steadiness - personality weaknesses

  • Likes to maintain the status quo.
  • Can take a long time to adjust to change.
  • Sometimes has trouble meeting deadlines.
  • May lack the ability to prioritise.
  • Can be lacking in imagination.
  • Tends to like things just the way they are.
  • May hold a grudge.
  • Sometimes too relaxed.
  • May appear to lack a sense of urgency.

High C - compliance - personality weaknesses

  • May be over-reliant on the roles.
  • May hesitate to act without a precedent.
  • Can get bound up with procedures and methods.
  • Sometimes can get bogged down in detail.
  • Can be reluctant to accept responsibility.
  • Looks for full explanation before changes are accepted.
  • Can pass the buck when pressured.
  • Will yield position to avoid controversy.
  • Can become very defensive at perceived threats.
  • Outside own area of expertise can be very easily led.

+1 the page to reveal 40 natural weaknesses. Alternatively, take our DISC assessment test to discover your weaknesses automatically.

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