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Small Businesses - Learn How To Improve Your Recruitment Process

The cost of a poor hire at a small business is enormous in proportion to the revenue earned and opportunity cost. Yet, the established tools in use at larger organisations such as Myers Briggs and other companies DISC products remain too expensive to consider for many small businesses.

Why is DISC or Myers Briggs Important in Improving the Recruitment Process?

The second step made by most businesses when improving their recruitment process is to add some form of personality profiling to their process. (the first step is normally to start checking the references!).

Benefits of a candidate profiling system

  1. You have a far deeper conversation with every candidate you interview
  2. You gain an objective measurement of what to expect ahead of interview, allowing you to tailor your interviews accordingly
  3. You learn what soft-skills the candidate will likely have or will be easy to train

Benefits of our TeamBuilder DISC based candidate profiling system

  1. We have set our prices tailored towards small businesses. You can really afford to start profiling EVERYONE today!
  2. You can integrate our system directly into your website IF YOU WANT, no extra cost.
  3. You also get an easier option of emailing your candidates the test or adding a link to your DISC test to any of your web pages/facebook/twitter/email list.
  4. You get all the in-depth analysis of your candidates work behaviour preference that you'd get from other candidate profiling systems, and you also discover a break-down, in advance of interview, the candidates preferred management style, strengths & weaknesses, an analysis of how to manage them and how to communicate with them more effectively.
  5. Eliminate CV spammers - when you can afford to test all candidates, CV spammers will no longer apply for your roles - saving you valuable time!

Behaviour Testing

Our online behaviour tests use the latest DISC assessment testing technology.

  • DISC is the most popular work-based behaviour profiling system
  • Our DISC test takes only 15 minutes for candidates to complete as opposed to Myers Briggs which can take upwards of 1 hour
  • 1 DISC test produces 8 flavours of behaviour reports giving you various insights into your candidates

To find out more about our DISC assessment test and the various flavours of DISC reports, visit our

Integration Options

All tests are online, all reports are online (with option for PDF) and you can choose how far you want to integrate the recruitment tools into your recruitment process.

  • Email invite candidates - easiest to start with
  • Hyperlink from your recruitment pages - a hyperlink from your site to ours - takes a minute or two
  • Complete integration into your recruitment web pages - the tests will look like they are part of your own website - takes about 10 minutes to integrate once you have chosen a page for the tests

Want to know more?

Head over to our partner site, Improved Employees where you can find out how we can help you improve your recruitment process and much more.