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Patterned Interview Questions

Brain Games

A patterned interview follows a fairly regulated format. Many people who are conducting interviews do not do so very often and can be nervous and unsure of themselves. Having a track to follow gives them great comfort, so its important that the interviewee (i.e. you) recognises this and realises that the interview is adhering to a formula.

We've detailed below the types of scenarios that a patterned interview can follow.

Naturally the interviewer will ask about education, training, experience and specialist knowledge, but you will frequently find yourself being quizzed on the following:

This Company

What do you know about this company ?
( has the candidate shown initiative and researched the company )

Most people will have looked at the Company's website, but those candidates who have gone further than that and read articles on the Company or talked to somebody who already works at the Company will really impress.

The last or present job

Tell me about your present or your last job.
The interviewer is assessing if you have the ability to communicate meaningfully.
How did you get that job ?
(How resourceful is the candidate How self reliant?)
What was your job function?
(Were you on top of the job, happy, enjoying the work or unhappy and enduring the work ?)
How did you plan your work ?
(The interviewer is asking you if you are a self starter,who needs to be given little or no direction, or someone who relies on another giving direction.)
What did you like about the job ?
(Did you have good relationships and feelings?)
What did you dislike about that job ?
(Did you have justifiable dislikes or are you one of life's moaners and groaners ?)
Why do you want to leave that job ?
(are there good and justifiable reasons for a move ?)
Give me a short resume of your present or last job
(Does what you say verbally match up with you said on your CV Do you communicate logically and clearly ?)
(Has there been job progression ?)
(Has there been consistency in career planning ?)
(Have you been loyal as well as ambitious ?)
(Have you shown the confidence and drive to change disciplines where necessary ?)

Work experience

In which of your previous jobs were you most successful and why?
(Are you arrogant or humble, factual and concise or prone to ramble on ?)
Tell me about the best boss you have worked for?
(What management style do you prefer and can I provide it ?)
Tell me about the worst boss you have had and why ?
(Are you biased, can you be managed, are you able to modify your behaviour to succeed ?)
What are your work strengths ?
(Are you self confident,arrogant or hesitant ?)
What are your weaknesses?
(if you are having a problem with this question, do you really know yourself and more importantly are you aware of the effect you have on others)

Sales experience (when applicable)

To what kind of customer do you prefer to sell ?
( do you have the ability to influence?)
What type of customer do you dislike selling to ?
( are resentments acceptable?)
Tell me how you would build new accounts
(Are you realistic in how to build the clientele?)
Which products/service did you enjoy selling the most and why ?
(are you enthusiastic ?)
Why not sell me that product or service right now ?
(Can you convince the interviewer ?)

Social, Professional and Other interests

What social meetings do you attend ?
( does this indicate leadership and / or a need for meeting people ?)
What offices do you hold ?
( do you wish to lead or be led ?)
Tell me about your hobbies
(Are you industrious, interesting, enthusiastic or innovative?)
Tell me about the business and social entertaining that you do
(Do you like meeting people, are you a socialable person?)
Are you free to travel at short notice ?
( are you flexible?)
What types of people rub you up the wrong way?
(Are you able to get on with most people ?)
What does your partner/ spouse think about this job ?
(do you function as a team? do you communicate ?)
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Couldn't be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!
May 1, 2015 | Unregistered Commentermittie

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