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Management And Leadership
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Matiogi - Personality Reports (Management Assessment)

Matiogi Management Assessment Report

for Miss Matiogi

March 08, 2011

Private and Confidential

Copyright Matiogi Ltd 2011

Management Assessment

Work Mask


Self Image

The results of the Personal Behaviour Inventory would suggest the following about Miss Matiogi. This report only relates to behavioural attributes within the work situation and should always be used in conjunction with a fully structured interview.

Further assessment of the person's intelligence, education, experience, knowledge and competence will help the interviewer form a balanced view of the likelihood of success in working with this individual.

Should additional information be required, the "Strengths & Limitations" report may prove useful.

Decision Making

  • Avoids unpopular decisions.

  • Tends to court popularity.

  • May make decisions from an emotional standpoint.

  • Can be inconsistent in decision making.

  • Can appear to be strong willed.

  • Weighs up facts carefully.

Leadership & Motivation

  • Enthusiastic.

  • Encourages others to participate.

  • May over emphasise the individual occasionally.

  • Constantly strives to get others to adopt change.

  • May allow others too much freedom.

  • Wears well with people.


  • Articulate.

  • Effectively uses body language.

  • Infectious, enthusiastic style of communicating.

  • Can appear to be too widely focussed.

  • Not always the most discreet person.

  • May need prompted to communicate.

Goal Setting

  • Builds confidence in others to achieve the goal.

  • May change direction frequently.

  • Can miss deadlines.

  • Can be impatient with others who do not seem to be goal focussed.

  • May move the goal posts to suit the circumstances.

  • May not enjoy an assertive culture.


  • Will produce "fun" ideas.

  • Uninhibited with ideas.

  • Ideas will be frequent and varied.

  • Creativity may appear to be "off the wall".

  • Her creativity may not always suit the rest of the team.

  • Prefers time to think.