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Likes to Expedite Action

Expediting action is a strength which comes naturally to 'High D' personality types. What this means is that High D's will focus in conversation on what actions can be taken as a result. They tend to dislike chit-chat unless there is some action which can be taken as a result. High D's with this key strength can be very effective at transforming teams which were previously indecisive or ineffective - they don't even have to be put in charge of the team to achieve this result (although they would much prefer that!).

People with this strength in their personality type will tend to cut to the chase in meetings and conversations. They will come to meetings with a purpose of obtaining the information required to make decisions. Because of this, they can be very useful when put in a room with subject matter experts (SMEs) who perhaps because of their closeness to the subject find it difficult to decide what action to take next.

Undeveloped or non self-aware High D's can frequently become frustrated with team members, bosses or subordinates who, in their eyes, fail to get to the point. They can sometimes prefer any decision over waiting for enough information to make the right decision.

Business benefits of 'Likes to expedite action':

  • Can transform indecisive or lost teams turning the teams knowledge and resources into actions!
  • They tend to focus very well on the business benefits of any action
  • Fantastic at getting people to focus - tell someone with this strength the one most important thing the team should focus on and every question or comment they make will be geared towards that focal point
  • Great wall breaker - actions in business are often hindered by perceived 'walls'. Someone with this strength will help others break down perceived walls or show (more likely tell) them how to work around them.
  • Understands budget - it follows that in order to expedite action they must understand the budget of the project and align the teams actions with that budget.
  • Will set targets to help maintain momentum and measure progress
When someone has this natural strength it is easy to train them in it and make them superb at related skills. Other personality types (other than High D) can also learn this skill.

How to become better at expediting action

Taking action and getting results is key in business so whichever personality type you are you should consider improving on this strength. If you have this strength it comes across very impressively in meetings where you help your team come away from the meeting with achievable actions.

I've broken down the strength into its key components below, all of which are trainable by anyone. A high D will of course respond better to training in this area but everyone can improve.

  • Business Focus - in order to expedite action you must know what is important to the business and focus on it
  • Asking the right questions (interrogation) - you will need answers from others to decide which action is most important to take. Interrogation is about asking the right questions to cut to the chase
  • Setting targets - to expedite action more effectively you should improve your target setting skills
  • Budget/action matching - you need to know how to get your spend approved in order for the actions to mean anything

Training Materials

What now?

You should decide which strength you wish to extend the most or which weakness you wish to mitigate and purchase one or more of the training materials available at the bottom of each strength/weakness page.

You can also post a message below to chat to Matiogi or others about the 'Likes to expedite action' strength.

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