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Job Application Guide

Don't just apply ad-nauseum to multiple companies.  This is often transparent to companies because of things you have to fail to do in order to apply to so many.

Consider this - a single position will often receive hundreds of CV applications. These CVs are commonly filtered by recruitment agents or HR people prior to arriving at a specialists desk. That means your application and CV have to be dual purpose

  • get past the recruitment agent keyword search
  • contain exciting detail to perk the interest of the interviewer and specialists

Here are some things to bear in mind when applying.

  • Does the company have any particular application requirements? e.g. Do they want you to answer a particular question in your application? If they do, ensure you spend quality time on this aspect as it is something they have added to their filtering process.
  • Is it possible to telephone/email the agent or HR person in advance? If so, ask them for any particular application tips. Some companies prefer short 1 - 2 page CVs, whilst others prefer more detail.
  • Do you know anyone at the company who can recommend you? Companies often have bonus schemes for employees who recommend future employees. This often saves the companies money in recruitment agency fees so if you DO know someone at the company, ask them to recommend you rather than applying through an agency.
  • Always write a cover letter. It shows you care. Include the reasons why you wish to work for the company and love the position they've described and ideally include a glowing written reference from a previous employer.
  • Take time over your CV - consider having a different CV for each position. This may sound arduous, but how much do you really want the job? Show how much through your phone call, your cover letter and your tailored CV.
  • Direct applications are better than through an agent If you have discovered the position through an agent, try and find out the companies name by Indeed's aggregate job search and then apply through the companies website instead. Agents take 15 - 20% of the employees salary as a one-off fee so you will be saving your future company a chunk of money.

Got something to say about applying for jobs?

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Absolutely spot on - you need to customize your application to stay ahead of the curve. There are 100s of applicants and if you think from the employer's perspective, chances of your resume getting short listed are much higher. The way to incorporate this is to include a summary of what you can offer in a cover letter and tweak the resume to show 'what you can do' instead of 'what you have done'.

February 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAashish
Finding the right job is never that hard if you've got a plan. I find Peggy Mckee webinar as a great weapon in searching and landing on the right job.
May 1, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterkish

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