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Interview Questions and Answers

Our behaviour targeted reports are used by employers to provide them with deep insight into the candidate they are interviewing - using our personality reports you can discover what behaviour based questions employers are likely to ask you.  The questions we provide them with are based on the candidates preferred behavioural style and are geared towards identifying situations the candidate is likely to have struggled with in the past as well as asking questions geared towards their personality strengths - these questions are aimed at really opening up the candidate and getting them talking about their strengths and weaknesses from a behavioural standpoint. 

Before you attend your interview you should ensure you are prepared to handle these personality based questions.  

  • What are your biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses?  
  • When talking about your weaknesses which examples can you provide which demonstrate how your weaknesses can actually become strengths when working within a team?  
  • What examples can you use which demonstrate how useful your strengths will be to the company, to the team and in management situations?

Remember, good interviewers will probe any answer you give so be prepared with examples, or better yet provide them with concrete examples as you discuss your strengths and weaknesses which ideally demonstrate how you will add something valuable to the team dynamic.  Ideally, your examples will include scenarios which helped make your previous companies more money, save them money or make their customers happier.

Below is a sample interview questionnaire report from our suite of reports based on a fictional character called Miss Matiogi.  If you choose to buy the interview questionnaire report you will get a similar report targeted directly at your personality.  Remember, if you take our personality test you will get the Comprehensive Overview Report totally free - this alone will provide deep insights into your own behaviour (it's a 3 to 4 page report!) which will help you formulate answers to the questions you are likely to be asked.


Matiogi Interview Questionnaire Report


for Miss Matiogi


March 08, 2011


Private and Confidential

Copyright Matiogi Ltd 2011


General Interview Questionnaire

Work Mask


Self Image


Overview Of Miss Matiogi

Outgoing, gregarious, persuasive, friendly, mobile, active, alert, restless, stubborn, sometimes defiant and sarcastic, strong-willed, self-starter, internally modest and peaceful, asks "who".

A positive and optimistic person who manages others with warmth and humour. Spends a great deal of time in building relationships. Endeavours always to get everyone in the team pulling together. Quick at developing friendships, this gregarious person networks well. May be too emotional at times and may have difficulties with more reserved colleagues who will tend to distrust Miss Matiogi's super-optimism.

A very good opener and someone who will quickly put most people at ease. Not a good closer and indeed may shy away from closing a sale for fear of being rejected. Tends therefore to be happier in "soft-selling" or public relations work.

May not be the best time manager you will ever meet.

A warm, bubbly individual who will bring a positive, humorous approach to most jobs, Miss Matiogi must work in a job where there are others and is definitely unsuited to working on her own for any length of time. She is a good communicator who enjoys the social life and will be a good ambassador for the organisation.

Interviewing Miss Matiogi

We recommend that you follow a consistent path when conducting the interview. Your organisation will be investing several thousands of pounds in the recruitment, training and development of the successful candidate.

As the interviewer, it is your role to discover all the relevant information to assist in making an informed choice.

Here are some guidelines to help you -

  • Open in a friendly manner on a general topic.

  • Ask direct questions to find out facts.

  • Use what, when, where, who, why, how.

  • Be comprehensive.

  • Wait for answers.

  • Be neutral.

  • Remember the 70/30 rule: the candidate should be talking 70% of the time.

The following questions have been selected to assess Miss Matiogi?s potential shortfall in relation to the selected type of role.

Questions arising from Low Dominance.


  • Do you think it realistic for a manager to be demanding?

  • Do you believe that people respond better to a demanding boss?

  • Why do you believe that?

  • Do you think I would be a demanding boss?

  • What makes you say that?

  • How confident should a manager be?

Questions arising from High Influence.

  • How do you manage slow and reserved individuals?

  • Have you ever misjudged a situation?

  • How do you feel when you have to work with a very aggressive person?

  • Have you ever been de-motivated by either your work colleagues or by your boss?

  • If yes, describe what happened.

  • Describe the type of person you most like to manage.

Questions arising from Low Steadiness.

  • How quickly do you become bored with a job?

  • Tell me about the most boring job you ever had, and why it was so boring.

  • If offered this job how long would it take you to settle in?

  • What would you consider to be a suitable time before we could consider you for a more senior role?

  • How long would you stay in this job without a promotion?

  • Tell me what type of people you prefer in your team?

Questions arising from Low Compliance.

  • Tell me about an occasion when you were blamed for something at work which you felt was unfair.

  • What did you do about it?

  • Do you make mistakes?

  • Give a couple of examples when you felt you had made a mistake in your or most recent job.

  • What did your boss do on these occasions?

  • How would your subordinates describe you?

Notes For Interviewer

This questionnaire has been designed to assist with an initial interview. The main thrust of the questions is aimed at checking the candidates self-awareness. The questions should all be used, as they are designed to produce for the interviewer, an overall perception of the candidate.

Selecting some of the questions and not others, will give a partial view.