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Interview Questions Forum > Communications Officer

Communications Officer in the Provincial Government, What questions are normally asked because this form me is a 180% turn from being a Graphic Designer to a Communications Officer. What should I expert in the interview of such nature and my interview is on Friday at 8:00 26/08/2011

August 24, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPhomane

That's quite a career change, but as always there should be plenty of transferable skills.

It really does depend on what the company means by a 'communications officer'. Since it's in Provincial Government I'd guess that it's likeliest to be:

1. Controlling what is communicated to the public
2. Communicating a clear message
3. Spinning messages in a way that makes them likelier to be picked up by the news (soundbites etc)

I'd need to see a more concrete job description to know but here are some things they are almost certainly going to ask you:

1. What experience does your graphic design job bring that will make you an excellent communications officer?
2. Why do you want to change careers to that of a communications officer?
3. Why did you fail at being a Graphic Designer? (they may word this a bit more nicely)

You should pick up on all the transferable skills and convince them that going from graphic design to communications officer is not so big a leap as it sounds, e.g:

1. Graphic design involves figuring out what message the customer wants to portray and then portraying that using graphics - much the same as a communications officer.
2. In graphics design, any words you use have to be snappy - much the same as in a communications officer role
3. Graphic design is all about getting a message across, much the same as a communications officer role
4. You should add some spur from outside your work life if you have one that makes you want to become a communications officer. You can use this and your previous experience in graphic design to explain to them why you want to become a communications officer.

One of the most important things to convince them of is how much you are convinced of becoming a communications officer and that you're not just applying to ANY role.

If they ask you a question along the lines of 'why did you fail?', be humble but tell them you didn't fail and it was actually your success in many graphics projects and your realisation of the power of the message while doing your graphics design role that made you realise you wanted to become a communications officer.

I hope this helps - I'll try and get some specific interview questions for this role up on the site inside the next few hours.

August 25, 2011 | Registered CommenterDavid Hilditch


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October 24, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterhamburg113

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