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Interview Questions Forum > Call Centre Interview

Call centre interview answer below. If you'd like a specific job role covered, go back and create a new post - you'll get a comprehensive answer as good as this one normally inside 24 hours.

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April 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Hilditch

can you help me to have a sample answer for my call center interview.
1.What are you strengths and weaknesses?

- What do you know about our organization?

- Why do you want to join us?

- What do you know about call centers?

- What is your past experience?

- How does you past experience match up with this job?

- Narrate an incident where you were part of a team and you played a major role in conflict resolution?

- Narrate an event where you were leading a team? How did you ensure success?

- How would you handle a person's complaint if he is irritating and is getting out of limits

April 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDenden

Hi Denden,

For your strengths and weaknesses you should take our totally free psychometric test and look at the Strengths & Weaknesses report - this will identify your key personality strengths and weaknesses. You can access the test here - everything is free so don't worry about cost - Psychometric test

When you're looking at your weaknesses, try and see how they tie-up with your strengths and then use this knowledge in preparing an answer - i.e. you want to be able to describe one of your weaknesses but then quickly turn it into an obvious strength that you have.

What do you know about our organisation? Do a little research, find out how many people they have, find out when they were formed, find out how many offices they have but most importantly find out what they do and why they do it. Try and think from the point of view of something good in what they do and how anyone could be passionate about it.

Why do you want to join us should then follow on from the above - if you've identified something positive their company does then you can be a little passionate in your answer and try and identify yourself with the company.

What do you know about call centers? Firstly, there's two types of call center calls - inbound and outbound. If this is your first call center job it's likely you will be handling inbound calls - i.e. members of the public are calling a number and they'll be put through to you to handle their query. Outbound calls on the other hand are where call center staff are calling up existing or potential customers and either giving them extra support and trying to sell more stuff to them or trying to get them to become customers in the first place. "They are the public face of the company" is probably something you'd want to say so that they know you identify with how important the role is to them.

What is your past experience? Describe it honestly. If you don't have any specific call center experience then describe any other experience you have involving either customer facing roles (e.g. working in a shop, bar, restaurant) or any phone calls you've had to make. If you have none of this experience, think of any family or student related situations involving keeping people calm, getting to the point, and solving their problem.

How does your past experience match up - this is the same question as previous really.

Narrate an incident where you were part of a team and played a role in conflict resolution? This depends on your experience but what they are looking for here is evidence that you can work well with others. What this involves is the ability to step up and take charge if you're the one with the most experience/knowledge in a particular subject but also involving others where they could help more than you. It's important to be humble in your answer but for conflict resolution you can think of any situation - e.g. if you have no prior work experience it's totally acceptable to use a family or sports related example. e.g. you calmed two people down and prevented a bigger argument in your football team by helping them both see each others points of view.

It's important to remember here that you're likely to be asked about these situations at interview so ensure you base them on reality so you can talk about them comfortably.

Leading a team? Similar request to previous one - think of prior situation where you had to take a leading role - this can be in prior related work experience, some other work experience, team sports/activities or family/school related in roughly that order of preference. Remember that leading a team is not just about bossing people around - you can show leadership skills by setting examples which others followed - if you have examples of these in your past then write about htem.

How would you handle a person's complaint? It's funny - I've actually worked in a call center role quite a while back and I remember some real moany customers - people who had been on the call waiting for an answer for upwards of 40 minutes so you could understand their frustration. The important thing is to stay calm, reassure them that you're here to help and try and quickly get the information you need from the customer to resolve their problem. Most call centers actually have a rough time limit per call to try and ensure staff don't sit chatting to customers all day long - remember they're a business and are here to make money. So stay calm, reassure the customer, try and get to the point of their problem and if you need more help (e.g. if the customer starts swearing at you) then tell the customer you're going to fetch your supervisor as they'll be better able to help.

I hope all this helps and good luck!

Remember, take the psychometric test here and get your strengths and limitations identified for you in a free report - Psychometric test

April 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Hilditch