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Matiogi - Personality Reports (Overview)

Miss Matiogi Report 1 of 8 - Overview


Work Mask


Self Image

Behavioural Style

Miss Matiogi is an individual who is demonstrative and independent and she likes meeting a diversity of people in a variety of environments/situations. She is socially competitive, verbal, persuasive and engaging. She possesses the skills to promote and "sell" the ideas, concepts and products of both herself and others in an optimistic and enthusiastic manner. Although she is seen as verbally pushy and opinionated, by nature she is not aggressive and will only antagonise others unintentionally. She relishes popularity, the "limelight" and will look for opportunities that will provide public recognition. By nature Miss Matiogi is not decisive and she especially hates making hard decisions which could eventuate in her being viewed in as unpopular. She disfavours work of a routine and/or repetitive nature and is careless with detail. Miss Matiogi is a proficient originator of projects, but has the tendency to leave the running, maintenance and completion to others. She could present herself as being more direct and authoritative than is in fact the case, because of her rebelliousness and verbal independence. Miss Matiogi is a survivor and although she does not like to be seen to lose, she will retreat in order to avoid conflict and to preserve a non-hostile atmosphere. She possesses high levels of work-energy, is of a quick pace, mobile, vigilant and variety-motivated. Miss Matiogi is skilful at presenting the "bigger picture" and developing optimism and enthusiasm in others.

There are indications that this fast moving, alert individual may also be very independent, firm and persistent, and the possibility exists that in her present job there may be a tendency for her to be overly independent and indeed be quite rebellious at times. When this occurs Miss Matiogi may be difficult to manage.

There are indications that this fast moving, alert individual may also be very independent, firm and persistent, and the possibility exists that when the pressure is really on there may be a tendency for her to be overly independent and indeed be quite rebellious at times. When this occurs, she may be difficult to manage.

Job Emphasis


Promoting ideas independently

Primarily this job requires the jobholder to contact a wide variety of people and maintain amicable relationships with them. Promoting products and/or ideas through gentle persuasion is an essential function. The freedom to travel and act independently is desired. Obtaining a hard commitment or a tangible result is not vital. Smoothing the way forward for others is also a function of the jobholder. Miss Matiogi works best when free from day-to-day supervision and when given a certain amount of room to use her initiative. The job should require Miss Matiogi to demonstrate poise, to be socially aggressive and to employ charm. Ideally, she needs to be given direction and although over-close supervision is not a good idea, deadlines should be imposed from time to time. Miss Matiogi requires to be given the opportunity to make favourable impressions on a wide variety of people. She will require support by others, especially in areas of administration.


Outgoing, gregarious, persuasive, friendly, mobile, active, alert, restless, stubborn, sometimes defiant and sarcastic, strong-willed, self-starter, internally modest and peaceful, asks "who".

Personal Motivation

Identification with the company is important as are monetary rewards, favourable working conditions and freedom from control and detail.

General Comments

As there are no frustrations, problems, or stresses indicated in the P.B.I. it is likely that this individual is feeling behaviourally compatible with the current job role.

In order to assess this candidates suitability for the job role more thoroughly a Human Job Inventory is recommended. The Human Job Inventory will make an assessment of Miss Matiogi's strengths and limitations against the specifics of the job requirements.

Miss Matiogi's ideal boss will be someone who is democratic and participative. The boss will ideally create an atmosphere of openness where Miss Matiogi's point of view is heard. As Miss Matiogi is concerned with her own popularity then it follows that she works best when working with and through others. The boss should be able to use Miss Matiogi's positiveness to good effect.

A positive and optimistic person who manages others with warmth and humour. Spends a great deal of time in building relationships. Endeavours always to get everyone in the team pulling together. Quick at developing friendships, this gregarious person networks well. May be too emotional at times and may have difficulties with more reserved colleagues who will tend to distrust Miss Matiogi's super-optimism.

A very good opener and someone who will quickly put most people at ease. Not a good closer and indeed may shy away from closing a sale for fear of being rejected. Tends therefore to be happier in "soft-selling" or public relations work.

May not be the best time manager you will ever meet.

A warm, bubbly individual who will bring a positive, humorous approach to most jobs, Miss Matiogi must work in a job where there are others and is definitely unsuited to working on her own for any length of time. She is a good communicator who enjoys the social life and will be a good ambassador for the organisation.