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Matiogi - Personality Reports (How To Manage)

Matiogi How To Manage Report

for Miss Matiogi

March 08, 2011

Private and Confidential

Copyright Matiogi Ltd 2011

How To Manage

Work Mask


Self Image

Managing Miss Matiogi is by definition, firstly about communicating with her the way she wants to be communicated with, and secondly, understanding her key strengths and limitations.

Miss Matiogi is an individual who is demonstrative and independent and she likes meeting a diversity of people in a variety of environments/situations. She is socially competitive, verbal, persuasive and engaging. She possesses the skills to promote and "sell" the ideas, concepts and products of both herself and others in an optimistic and enthusiastic manner. Although she is seen as verbally pushy and opinionated, by nature she is not aggressive and will only antagonise others unintentionally. She relishes popularity, the "limelight" and will look for opportunities that will provide public recognition. By nature Miss Matiogi is not decisive and she especially hates making hard decisions which could eventuate in her being viewed in as unpopular. She disfavours work of a routine and/or repetitive nature and is careless with detail. Miss Matiogi is a proficient originator of projects, but has the tendency to leave the running, maintenance and completion to others. She could present herself as being more direct and authoritative than is in fact the case, because of her rebelliousness and verbal independence. Miss Matiogi is a survivor and although she does not like to be seen to lose, she will retreat in order to avoid conflict and to preserve a non-hostile atmosphere. She possesses high levels of work-energy, is of a quick pace, mobile, vigilant and variety-motivated. Miss Matiogi is skilful at presenting the "bigger picture" and developing optimism and enthusiasm in others.

Communicating with Miss Matiogi

  • Plan interactions that support her dreams and intentions.

  • Talk about people and her goals.

  • Focus on people and action items. Put details in writing.

  • Ask for her opinion.

  • Provide ideas for implementing action.

  • Offer special, immediate and extra incentives for her willingness to take risks.

Key Strengths of Miss Matiogi

  • Miss Matiogi is optimistic with a positive sense of humour.

  • She places the focus on people and a high trust on relationships.

  • She develops friendships quickly, and enjoys networking.

  • She uses a democratic approach to decision making.

Improving Effectiveness of Miss Matiogi

  • Point out that objectivity, not popularity gains respect and results.

  • Encourage the view that talking without listening is wasted effort.

  • Discuss the importance of emotional control.

  • Encourage a more objective view of performance and potential.

  • Introduce the control of performance by work units, deadlines and use of time management.

  • Provide administrative support and closer supervision so that she is more attentive to detail.

Please Note

The above report is intended to give a line manager useful information on how to effectively manage Miss Matiogi. It primarily involves the manager in modifying his/her behavioural style to that of Miss Matiogi. We all respond better to managers who manage us the way in which we prefer to be managed, and this involves everyone being treated as individuals, rather than being treated the same.

This report should be used as a coaching and counselling tool to create a better working relationship between Miss Matiogi and the direct manager.