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Good Problem Solver

Being a great problem solver is obviously very beneficial to businesses. It's a trait which comes naturally to high D's because of their fearless attitude but it's something everyone can cultivate. For high D's, they love exerting control over their environment and love questioning the status quo - on top of this they are rarely scared of change which all adds up to bundles of practice at solving problems.

If you want to become a fantastic problem solver, you can - there have been some excellent studies of how to effectively solve problems and you can learn these systems and practice them until you improve and become more confident. These training materials are beneficial to all personality types, not just high D's - and if you ARE a high D and pride yourself on your fearless attitude and your problem solving/obstacle hurdling nature, you should try and learn some science behind really great problem solving as you have a superb chance at becoming a fantastic problem solver.

Business Benefits of being a good problem solver

  • Not afraid to question the status quo
  • Not afraid of new obstacles
  • Great at problem solving
  • Having one on the team can help keep or build momentum

How to get better at problem solving

Firstly, I highly recommend checking out MindTools problem solving assessment tool - answer some quick questions honestly and it will give you a very detailed breakdown of your abilities in the different areas of problem solving.

Once you know which areas need work (did you know there are 8 steps to problem solving?) then you can focus on these using the other training materials below.

Training materials for getting better at problem solving

The Amazon UK books below are all highly rated and relevant to this strength.

What now?

You should decide which strength you wish to extend the most or which weakness you wish to mitigate and purchase one or more of the training materials available at the bottom of each strength/weakness page.

You can also post a message below to chat to Matiogi or others about the 'good to problem solving' strength.

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