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Good at Trouble Shooting

Being good at trouble shooting is something which comes very naturally to High D personality types but fortunately it's something which can easily be trained across ALL personality types. You first should learn why natural high D's are good at troubleshooting and then adopt some of these behaviours yourself.

Primarily, people who have this strength as a natural strength have it because they love fixing things. They look at the environment/situation around them and they focus on what is wrong with the situation and then try and exert power or control over the situation to bend it to their will. This means that, for them, troubleshooting skills are actually a side-effect of their desire to be in control.

This is probably one of the most common skills which transfers easily across personality types and yet there are still very few people in the world whom others would describe as 'great trouble-shooters'. If you want to enhance your natural skill or to adopt this strength then it is, in fact, very easy to do in comparison to some other personality strengths.

Business benefits of 'Good at trouble-shooting'

  • They make great trouble shooters!
  • They can help keep a team moving - they can help battle any obstacles (perceived or otherwise) that a team might encounter
  • They can, if trained and encouraged, make good mentors for younger/inexperienced members of the team - the primary benefit here is in teaching inexperienced members how EVERY problem has a solution or a WAY AROUND the problem

How to get better at trouble shooting

It should be fairly obvious that a lot of trouble-shooting skills come from experience, but how do you get this experience? Why do High D personality types gain this skill far more quickly and more often than others in their life?

  • Don't be afraid of any problem - if there's a problem, understand and accept that there WILL be a solution of some kind for it. In fact, there will always be multiple solutions to the problem and once you discover them (or at least some of them) you are back in control and can weigh-up which solution to take.
  • Try and cultivate a habit of saying 'this can be solved', rather than thinking 'here is a problem we can't get past'. It doesn't matter if you don't immediately know how to solve the problem - by starting with the belief that a solution CAN be found you are FAR more likely to find a solution.
  • Gain experience at trouble-shooting lots of minor problems - think of the many things in your day to day life which are problematic and could be improved upon and spend some time thinking or researching solutions for them. Make sure you implement some of these solutions so that you're a practised trouble-shooter rather than someone who just talks a good game.
  • Move your way up to larger problems - the more often other people see and hear you saying you can fix this or that, the more you'll be seen as a trouble-shooter. Just be sure and follow through and actually FIX the problem.
  • Study trouble-shooting and problem solving techniques - there has been plenty of research in this area - see the training materials below/

If you are brave enough (if you're not, why not? Life is short - ask for help), try identifying other people in your life who you consider to be great trouble shooters and try asking them why they are so good at it. You will normally be met with an air of innocence - "Really? You think I'm good at trouble-shooting? I don't know, I just don't fixate on the problems, I try to think of solutions similar to stuff I've seen in the past."

For really specific trouble-shooting, use the forum below to post your comment/problem.

Trouble shooting Training Materials

The Amazon UK books below are all highly rated and relevant to this strength.

What now?

You should decide which strength you wish to extend the most or which weakness you wish to mitigate and purchase one or more of the training materials available at the bottom of each strength/weakness page.

You can also post a message below to chat to Matiogi or others about the 'Good at trouble-shooting' strength.

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