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Good at getting results

Being good at getting results is a personality trait which comes naturally to high D personality types. This does not mean of course that other personality types don't get results, rather that high D personality types tend to focus on results more. e.g. they may sacrifice quality to ensure the result comes through or bully people to get the results but their focus is on the results more than anything else.

If 'getting results' is one of your strengths then it makes you very valuable to businesses since they're in the business of getting results in order to make money. You should definitely hone this skill so that you can say with confidence and past experience how you go about getting results. Train and hone your decision making skills, your leadership skills and your problem-solving skills as these are the key aspects of how you go about getting great results quickly.

Business benefits of 'Good at getting results':

  • Gets results quickly! (may need training to get the 'correct' results and to avoid hurting other peoples feelings)
  • Quick decision maker (may need training to take into account others opinions)
  • Sets high standards for others to follow
  • Natural leader - someone with this strength is energized by being in charge
  • Naturally great problem solver - someone with this skill loves solving problems
When someone has a natural strength it is easy to train them in it and make them superb at related skills.

Free Dictionary definition of 'result':

something that ensues from an action, policy, course of events, etc.; outcome; consequence.

Oxford Dictionaries definition of 'result':  

  • a thing that is caused or produced by something else; a consequence or outcome:
    oil companies have reported better results

How to become better at getting results

Getting great results is something every company strives for so getting better at this will obviously make you more appealing to every company out there. If you want to get better at getting results then you should concentrate on the key aspects that 'Good at getting results' is a combination of the following key skills, all of which you can improve upon in order to become better at getting results:

  • Good, quick decision making
  • Problem solving, troubleshooting
  • Leadership
Did you know, for example, that there are many established 'decision making models'? If you've actually taken the time and effort to learn one or more of these decision making models, how impressed do you think an interviewer is likely to be when asking about your key strengths? Check out this list of decision making tools: Vroom Yetton Jago decision model, the Kepner-Tregoe Matrix, OODA Loops, Grid Analysis, paired comparison analysis, AHP, conjoint analysis, pareto analysis, decision trees - the list goes on!

Similarly, problem solving has many established techniques you can learn from. The best site I've found for learning more about this stuff is definitely Mind Tools - they have tons of great, free articles on problem solving stuff like inductive reasoning, logical fallacies, FMEA, heuristic methods, Plan Do Check Act and many many more that I can't list here - check out their link below

Training Materials

Full disclosure: I make some pennies if you buy stuff from Amazon through the links below (within 24 hours anyway) but I make no money from the other hyperlinks.

  • Decision making techniques Mind Tools
  • Problem solving and decision making Business Balls
  • Problem solving techniques Mind Tools (they're also giving a free 'quick guide to problem solving' eBook away when you subscribe from this link)
  • Leadership Skills Mind Tools
  • Leadership development methods and tips Business balls


What now?

You should decide which strength you wish to extend the most or which weakness you wish to mitigate and purchase one or more of the training materials available at the bottom of each strength/weakness page.

You can also post a message below to chat to Matiogi or others about the 'Good at getting results' strength.

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