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Free Cover Letter Templates

We provide free cover letter templates for almost any situation you can think of as well as guides to how to go about writing cover letter templates for other situations. The primary purpose of a cover letter is to grab the attention of the person who decides whether or not they should read your primary application further. If you are applying for a job, this would be encouraging them to read your CV.

If you are applying for a promotion it would be encouraging, convincing them to consider your promotion application more highly and read it in more detail. If on the other hand you are looking for a total career change in the company, your cover letter would include some explanation of why this change has come about and why you believe you'd be better off in a different role.

Understand that cover letters are far more personal and as such, people tend to read them more than they would a CV/Resume. This counts so long as you make the cover letter personal - i.e. personal about you and personal about them (the company) and personal about the role. This means that if you use one of our free cover letter templates you should make sure you personalise it to include believable details about yourself, them and the role you are applying for. You should ensure you don't make your cover letter long winded - you are not trying to prove yourself in the cover letter, you are only trying to prove that they should read your actual application.

Cover letter guidelines

Specific free cover letter templates

  • Job application cover letter
  • Resume/CV cover letter template
  • Marketing cover letter
  • Sales cover letter
  • Speculative cover letter
  • Career change cover letter
  • Manager cover letter