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Exhibiting Poise

Exhibiting poise is a personality trait which comes naturally to high I personality types. If you have a high I personality type then exhibiting poise is likely something which comes naturally to you. What this boils down to is that you find it easy to keep your composure without being overcome with embarrassment. Whilst this may be a natural personality trait, it may be the case that you have never honed or trained this particular trait - if so, you should consider whether you'd like to train it as being calm and having no embarrassment can be a very valuable skill.

Business benefits of 'Exhibiting Poise':

  • Naturally good at presentations (may need training)
  • Naturally good at meeting people (may need training)
  • Naturally good at public speaking (may need training)
  • Naturally good at deflecting criticism and embarrassment (may need training)
When someone has a natural strength it is easy to train them in it and make them superb at related skills.

Free Dictionary definition of 'poise':

Freedom from affectation or embarrassment; composure.

Oxford Dictionaries definition of 'poise':  

  • graceful and elegant bearing in a person:
    poise and good deportment can be cultivated
  • composure and dignity of manner:
    at least he had a moment to think, to recover his poise

How to gain more poise

Since 'exhibiting poise' is really just composure (keeping your cool) in varied situations, scenarios and circumstances it follows that to gain poise you should put yourself into uncomfortable situations where you would normally feel embarrassed. This will give you practice and experience so that you will gradually gain 'poise'. If you are a natural High I then you will probably feel very little discomfort in most situations so you will have to push yourself - e.g. most High I's will still feel a little discomfort when performing their first two or three presentations in front of a dozen or so people whereas low I's will feel discomfort having eyes on them within a chatty group of 3 or 4 people.  

If you want to adjust your levels of poise upwards, it's important to know where you're at first and to adjust your training accordingly.  How comfortable do you feel in the following scenarios:

  • Looking someone directly in the eye while listening to them
  • Looking someone directly in the eye while talking to them, telling them a story
  • Listening in a group of 3 or 4
  • Telling a story to a group of 3 or 4 friends
  • Telling a story to a group of 3 or 4 people who are not your friends
  • Handling a personal situation within a group where some people would feel embarrassed - e.g. a drink is spilled on you or someone makes a joke at your expense - how embarrassed do you feel versus how cool and relaxed do you stay
  • Presenting in front of a group of people - even for high I's this gives butterflies the first few times
  • Presenting to larger and larger groups
  • Handling any kind of potentially embarrassing situation with elegance and in a relaxed, cool and unaffected manner

Training Materials

In a business sense, the most relevant skills you can gain from having great poise are 'presentation skills' and 'public speaking skills'. These are critical in a variety of manners in the workplace - education, sales, project management as well as selling yourself in a positive light.

Full disclosure: I earn some pennies if you buy stuff from Amazon through the links below but nothing from the other links.

  • Presentation and public speaking skills Business Balls
  • Better public speaking and presentation Mind Tools
  • Killer presentation skills YouTube "Tell them how you're gonna bore them, bore them, tell them how you bored them"
  • TED presentations for great examples TED Talks


What now?

You should decide which strength you wish to extend the most or which weakness you wish to mitigate and purchase one or more of the training materials available at the bottom of each strength/weakness page.

You can also post a message below to chat to Matiogi or others about the 'Exhibiting Poise' strength.

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