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Matiogi - Personality Reports (Executive Summary)

Matiogi Executive Summary Report

for Miss Matiogi

March 08, 2011

Private and Confidential

Copyright Matiogi Ltd 2011

Executive Summary

Work Mask


Self Image

Outgoing, gregarious, persuasive, friendly, mobile, active, alert, restless, stubborn, sometimes defiant and sarcastic, strong-willed, self-starter, internally modest and peaceful, asks "who".

General Characteristics

  • Influencing people to act positively and favourably.

  • Making favourable first impressions.

  • Natural verbaliser.

  • Exhibiting poise.

  • Motivating others to act.

  • Desiring to help others.

  • Generating enthusiasm.

  • Radiating optimism.

To fully use Miss Matiogi's potential

  • Emphasise that objectivity rather than popularity gains respect and results.

  • Encourage the stance that talking without listening is a wasted effort.

  • Discuss the value of emotional control.

  • Provide analysed data.

  • Suggest a less enthusiastic view of people.

  • Provide administrative support and closer supervision.

  • Introduce the control of performance and better time management.

  • Stress the value of being logical when debating problems.

Miss Matiogi is likely to have the following value to the organisation

  • Enjoys meeting people.

  • Pulls out all the stops to make a favourable impression.

  • Does not hesitate to verbalise about things.

  • Encourages and enthuses others to act.

  • Has a desire to help others.

  • Good at entertaining people.

  • Loves to participate in the community.

  • Radiates optimism and a can-do attitude.

General points to review

In the current job role this strong willed, independent individual, while preferring to remain strong willed and independent, does recognise that rules do exist and when it matters she will follow the rules.

There are indications that this fast moving, alert individual may also be very independent, firm and persistent, and the possibility exists that when the pressure is really on there may be a tendency for her to be overly independent and indeed be quite rebellious at times. When this occurs, she may be difficult to manage.

There are factors within Miss Matiogi's profile to indicate that she may undergo a temporary mercurial change.

Occassionally, this independent, firm and strong-willed individual will demonstrate a temporary mercurial change and become precise, accurate and a rule-follower. This will be followed by a swift return to her original behaviour.

There are indications that this strong willed, independent individual, while preferring to remain strong willed and independent, does recognise that rules do exist and when it matters she will follow the rules.

Please Note

This is a work oriented instrument. The Executive Summary above is designed to assist with the evaluation of Miss Matiogi in a selection, appraisal, development or coaching and counselling scenario. It must never be used in isolation and should always be taken in context with both an interview and by a process where an assesment of the person's education, qualifications and competence can be ascertained.