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Matiogi - Personality Reports (Overview)

Miss Matiogi Report 1 of 8 - Overview


Work Mask


Self Image

Behavioural Style

Miss Matiogi is a of a individualistic nature, is orientated by results and consistently seeks new horizons/situations. Being very self-sufficient, she prefers to work alone in order to solve problems/find solutions. Miss Matiogi is unconcerned of the restraining influences of a group and is able to divert from the conventional routes, arriving at an imaginative and innovative solutions. There is a tendency for her to use direct, forceful or even blunt behaviour patterns. Miss Matiogi is capable of astute manipulation of situations and others. She is able to co-operate and work with others under normal circumstances. She has an inbuilt dislike of coerced participation, especially when this could curb her individualism. Miss Matiogi, though aggressive, is seldom belligerent. Challenges and the opportunity for personal growth are vital. There may be a tendency for her to be self-centred which could result in her showing a lack of empathy/sympathy towards others. Miss Matiogi has a high expectation value of herself, is self-critical and applies these same criteria to others. She is not always sympathetic which could be interpreted as uncaring, and adopts philosophies such as "if you have a headache, take an aspirin". Miss Matiogi expects vested authority to be accepted at face value and expects respect from other people. She can work with detail but prefers not to deal with the "nuts and bolts" of things and prefers to have analysed data supplied.

In the current job role this strong willed, independent individual, while preferring to remain strong willed and independent, does recognise that rules do exist and when it matters she will follow the rules.

When the pressure is really on, this strong willed, independent individual, while preferring to remain strong willed and independent does recognise that rules do exist and when it matters she will follow the rules.

Job Emphasis

Independently driving for results

Achieving profitable results

The job should provide a challenge and give variety to those tasks wherein tangible, measurable results can be achieved. The job should also call for logical assessment of facts and data, and the job holder should be given, as far as is possible, freedom from controls and close supervision. There is a need for emphasis on the direction and organisation of an independent operation, group or team.


Direct, forceful, demanding, mobile, active, alert, inquisitive, shrewd, competitive, impatient, energetic, probing, objective, independent and persistent, asks "what" and "when".

Personal Motivation

Miss Matiogi needs room to move and wide-scope operations. There is an innate drive to be in charge, as well as an innate belief in her own ability. There is a need for an operation with tangible results and for organisational efficiency.

General Comments

There are indications that this strong willed, independent individual, while preferring to remain strong willed and independent, does recognise that rules do exist and when it matters she will follow the rules.

In order to assess this candidates suitability for the job role more thoroughly a Human Job Inventory is recommended. The Human Job Inventory will make an assessment of Miss Matiogi's strengths and limitations against the specifics of the job requirements.

Miss Matiogi's ideal boss will be someone who is clear, specific and to the point. The boss will also stick to business and manage Miss Matiogi in a proactive, driving way that will still allow her the freedom to use her own initiative. The boss should also realise that Miss Matiogi does want freedom from controls and most of all loves to be stretched and challenged.

When Miss Matiogi manages others she tends to judge them by their ability to complete tasks quickly. She often fails to recognise that she can come across to others as someone who is blunt and overbearing.

she tends to influence others by sheer force of character and persistence. At times she may overuse challenge and contest as a means of managing others.

Miss Matiogi is a forward looking manager who is able to deal with many problems.

She is also good at initiating change and setting the pace to get the desired results.

When Miss Matiogi is employed in a sales role she tends to look for quick results. This can have the effect of making her a "big winner or big loser".

She loves the challenge of selling and is a good and sometimes hard closer. She is not really interested in servicing as a concept, preferring only to service when another sale is probable. She may need some coaching in order that she may modify her hard close approach.

When occupying a general role this individual has a tendency to be either outside the team or leading the team from the front.

Never slow to criticise, Miss Matiogi can be disruptive at times, especially when her views are not being listened to. She does tend to produce fast results and is especially good at trouble-shooting.

She needs to be careful to not offend others who may not be as committed to the project in hand.

She works better with the minimum of supervision.