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Self Awareness System - 1 easy test, 8 comprehensive reports

There are 8 comprehensive reports all based from one easy 10 minute test. See below for examples of the reports that are available.

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You will get all of the reports below once you have completed the 10 minute test...

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Almost all of us have been asked the dreaded question 'What is your biggest weakness?'.  One of the worst answers you can possibly give is "I'm a perfectionist!" or "I work too hard!".  If you are not aware of what your strengths and weaknesses are, generate this report after taking the test and you'll find out.  Combine this with the Interview Questions & Answers and the Overview Report for the ultimate in interview preparation.

Strengths & weaknesses example 

Interview Questions and Answers

Have you ever been thrown off guard at an interview by a question you weren't quite prepared for?  Chances are you were asked a personality based question where the interviewer asked you a question about something you would naturally find difficult.  Don't let it happen again - these 24 questions are tailored specifically to your personal behavioural style and are designed to be probing, challenging questions.  We provide assistance in the report to describe what the interviewer is looking for and how you should go about preparing your answers.  If you have an interview coming up this report is a MUST HAVE.

Interview questions and answers example

Career Guidance Report

This report described what type of job you would be naturally suited to.  Based on your preferred behavioural style it figures out what kind of job you would be perfect for if you had the skills.  When people are perfectly matched to their job they experience very little stress, pick up new skills quickly and are described as 'naturals' by their peers.  If you are uncertain of what career to follow or you're thinking of a change then this report is for you.  We are giving this report away for free as well.

Career guidance example

Comprehensive Overview Report

The overview report gives an in-depth analysis of your personality type.  You'll discover your particular personality traits, how you tend to behave at work, how you tend to communicate with others and what preferences you have for being treated in certain ways.  This is our most extensive report, often running to over 4 pages of in-depth analysis of your personality in the work place.

Comprehensive overview example

Management Assessment

Companies use this report to assess your management style.  Now you can access the details and discover your own naturally suited methods of management.  How do you impart knowledge in the best way?  How do you discipline others?  How do you deal with confrontation?  How do you communicate?  Training can help you overcome your natural behavioural traits but we believe that it is better to improve on your natural traits - discover what they are so you can focus your efforts wisely when it comes to choosing your management style.

Management assessment example

Training Needs Assessment

Have you ever wondered what training you are in need of?  This report identifies key areas where you would benefit most, both for accentuating your behavioural strengths AND overcoming your personality shortfalls.

Executive Summary

This report is intended to show you the highlights from each of the other reports.  Generate this report if you don't have much time to read through each of the other reports.

Executive summary example

How to Manage

The how to manage report shows other people how to communicate with you, how to give you instructions, how to lead you and how to manage you on a day to day basis.

How to manage example