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DISC Assessment Test Overview

Our DISC assessment test and 8 reports are the best value on the marketplace - check out some of these benefits:

  • Reduce recruitment costs - not only are our DISC assessment tests priced very well, they also help you open candidates up at interview enabling you to make more informed choices
  • Reduce staff turnover - reduce how many bad-hires you make and soften the landing curve for new-hires so they integrate into teams more quickly - you will know ahead of time how they will integrate with the team and how you can manage that integration better. You will also learn how to communicate better with existing staff, the biggest factor in reducing staff turnover
  • Increase productivity - by helping your teams become more self-aware you will increase productive communication in those teams, ultimately increasing productivity overall
  • Increase staff morale - with reduced turnover and new-hires gelling with their new teams more quickly, productivity rising, morale boosts quickly follow
  • Identify which candidates are the best 'fit' for the role - every behaviour type can do a job, with the right experience and training, but some are more naturally suited than others and will thus respond better to training

DISC Assessment Test Features

  • Profile all your applicants - our subscription model with unlimited candidate profiling makes this incredibly affordable
  • Get 8 advanced reports included in subscription - includes How To Manage, Management Assessment, Strengths and Weaknesses and Detailed Behaviour
  • Multiple integration options, including: email invite candidates, include test hyperlink on your site or even integrate the entire test onto your own website

DISC Assessment Test Details

The DISC assessment test itself is a set of 24 carefully worded questions about the candidates preferred self-descriptors. Different behaviour types have a different belief of which words are better than others and which they strive to be like. Some, for example, might be proud to be detail oriented, whilst others would prefer to be decisive while others yet might prefer to be talkative and friendly.

We have designed the test using the latest web 2.0 technology to make the test as simple and as easy to take as possible. It uses the same DISC principles as other DISC vendors in that it is based on the work of Dr Marston.

The test takes about 10 minutes to administer but thanks to it being on-line, this time cost is not carried by the recruiter, but rather by the candidate when profiling potential candidates.

DISC Assessment Report Examples

The following links provide examples of each report so you can see what is including in our recruitment packages

Example DISC Reports

DISC Assessment Test Summary

Our DISC assessment tests give you valuable insights into potential candidates and existing members of staff. We have set our prices so that you can afford to test EVERYONE who applies for a role, enabling you to create a better interview experience.

To find out more about the methodology behind DISC, check out the DISC Assessment Wiki

To find out more about the benefits of our DISC assessment tests to recruiters, and more about our other tools available, visit our recruiters page