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CV personal statement tips

Your CV personal statement is what will make the recruiter read the rest of your CV. In much the same way that the summary on a book cover makes us decide whether to take a chance and buy the book, your CV statement should make the recruiter want to read the rest of the CV.

Communication is defined as the activity of conveying meaningful information. The majority of our communication is non verbal i.e. body language and tone of voice, rather that what we say; as this is not available to us in a CV statement, it is even more important that your statement grabs the attention of the reader and that you concentrate on your choice of words and phrases.

Your CV statement should be concise, easy to read and tailored to what the recruiter may be looking for. It should sell you.

After the title of the document, which should be CV or Curriculum Vitae for UK jobs and Resume for U.S jobs, the next thing the recruiter should read in the initial crucial seconds of looking at your CV should be your statement or personal profile.

This should consist of 5-7 high impact statements or “grabbers” that describe you – your capabilities, achievements, experience and personality. These statements should be positive and emphasise your strengths and should be geared towards the job for which you are applying. Other people applying for the same job will be doing this so be fair to yourself and also do it.

Punctuation can and should be used to make the statement easy and interesting to read e.g. determined and decisive; uses initiative to meet and resolve challenges. Here the semi-colon seperates two related pieces of information while keeping them in the same sentence and included in a statement would convey good written language skills which may give your CV an edge.

Finally, it may be stating the obvious , but your statement or profile should be honest, consistent and able to be backed up. To have an edge over many CV’s out there, tell the truth. An honest, solid applicant will always be preferred to a dishonest “star”. Integrity remains a vital factor for all good quality employers.

Personal statement tips for your CV/Resume

  • Place the statement near the top of page 1 of your CV - it is an attention grabber
  • Be concise - try and use 4 or 5 high impact statements inside a maximum of 3 to 4 sentences.
  • Don't be afraid to market yourself - if you can claim you've been doing this job since you were a child then do it! e.g. "A salesman from the age of six, I have since made it my mission to learn every selling technique in existence."
  • Be honest - you need to be able to back up your personal statement when you meet interviewers in real life!
  • Don't go into too much detail - it's just an attention grabber - the shorter the better
  • Don't waffle - you don't want 'blah blah blah' running through the readers head
  • Emphasize your strengths

CV personal statement examples

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