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CV Forum

The CV forum below is where you can get expert help in creating the perfect CV. We have experts on hand to answer any CV related questions you have.

CV Top Tips

  • A CV is identical to an American Resume
  • Your CV should be no longer than 2 pages - be concise
  • Include a summary of your education if you graduated more than a few years ago
  • Include a personal statement as an attention grabber
  • The order should go: Name + Contact details, education, personal statement, experience in reverse chronological order followed finally by a sentence or two about your personal interests or hobbies if you like.
  • For each role you've had, think of your proudest achievement in that role and try and quantify it - i.e. how much money did you save/make your company/department? How much time did you save them? (try and also translate this into money) How many customers did you make happier? (try and translate this into a monetary amount too)
  • Try and show a consistent pattern throughout your experience statements to give the employer a clear picture of who you are and what you can bring
  • Be more concise with experience statements which happened further in the past. Elaborate more on your recent experiences.
  • Try and relate your experiences to the job you are applying for - often this can mean having 2 or 3 CVs prepared for different types of roles

CV Help

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