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CV Cover Letter Template

The CV/Resume cover letter template below can be used when you are applying for any job to which you are submitting your CV or Resume. You should try to personalise the cover letter as much as possible - include some highly interesting details about yourself and remember the number 1 priority of a cover letter is:

  • Get the reader to read your CV

That's it. You might argue that you also need to come across as professional etc etc but really it all boils down to convincing the reader to go get your CV and read it. The important skills to use here to increase the likelihood of that happening are:

  • Use intrigue - don't give everything away - hint at something interesting in your CV
  • Be professional - wrong grammer or spulling is a massive turn off - they will not read your CV if there are grammatical errors in your cover letter.
  • Be personal - find the hiring persons name if you can and address the letter to them - a phone call can help. This may be scary, but do you want the job or not?
  • Be impressive - don't be dull. Pick one thing about you that is incredibly impressive and sell it in the cover letter

CV/Resume Cover Letter Template

Dear Mr/Ms ________________________ (insert persons last name here),

I started learning __________________________ (insert your top skill) at the young age of ________ (insert the youngest age you could conceivably say you started learning this skill). Since then I have dedicated my career to becoming the best at ___________________________ (insert your top skill) so that I could become a leader in my field.

My CV/Resume (use CV for UK, else use Resume) is enclosed and I think you will find my experience at ___________________________ (insert your best previous company) of particular interest in considering my application for ________________________________ (insert the role you are applying for).

Yours sincerely/faithfully (sincerely if you know their name, faithfully if not)

(leave a gap to sign the letter)

_________________________________ (insert your name)

Summary notes for the CV cover letter template

You don't have to sign the letter if you're sending it electronically - also you should say 'attached' rather than 'enclosed'. The important points to remember are to be personal, be impressive, be succinct and do what you can to intrigue them enough to open your CV.

After that, it's up to your CV or Resume whether or not you get an interview but at least you've won the first battle of actually getting them to read it! This can radically improve the number of interviews you receive.

Comments on our CV cover letter template

Please post your comments on our CV cover letter template below - all questions will receive comprehensive responses.

Cover letter is most difficult thing to write..Thanks for sharing this template with me!

August 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterArt Cv

i get confuse in cover letter salutation itself and at the end of cover letter...any advice


August 18, 2011 | Unregistered Commentercv template

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