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Matiogi - Personality Reports (Career Indicators)

Matiogi Career Indicators Report

for Miss Matiogi

March 08, 2011

Private and Confidential

Copyright Matiogi Ltd 2011

Career Indicators

Work Mask


Self Image

Motivational Factors

Personal Motivation

Identification with the company is important as are monetary rewards, favourable working conditions and freedom from control and detail.


Outgoing, gregarious, persuasive, friendly, mobile, active, alert, restless, stubborn, sometimes defiant and sarcastic, strong-willed, self-starter, internally modest and peaceful, asks "who".

Job Emphasis


Promoting ideas independently

Primarily this job requires the jobholder to contact a wide variety of people and maintain amicable relationships with them. Promoting products and/or ideas through gentle persuasion is an essential function. The freedom to travel and act independently is desired. Obtaining a hard commitment or a tangible result is not vital. Smoothing the way forward for others is also a function of the jobholder. Miss Matiogi works best when free from day-to-day supervision and when given a certain amount of room to use her initiative. The job should require Miss Matiogi to demonstrate poise, to be socially aggressive and to employ charm. Ideally, she needs to be given direction and although over-close supervision is not a good idea, deadlines should be imposed from time to time. Miss Matiogi requires to be given the opportunity to make favourable impressions on a wide variety of people. She will require support by others, especially in areas of administration.

Promoting, demonstrating, canvassing, marketing services, public relations, lecturing, advertising, hotelier, host, travel agent, politician, very soft selling.

Please Note

The above career guide seeks to identify the job areas best suited to Miss Matiogi's behavioural style. It does not imply that these are these are the only jobs with which Miss Matiogi could cope. Education, experience, and qualifications must always be taken into consideration.