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UK Job Site Review - find your job and get hired quickly

Which job site is the best for finding you a job? If you are looking for a job in the UK then there are dozens of job sites to choose from. I have compiled a list of what I believe are the best and created some graphs and charts to compare and contrast the usefulness of each one.

I have measured them firstly on the number of the jobs they have available for various job roles to give you a flavour of where they succeed or let themselves down. I have also measured their usefulness in terms of how often they provide links directly to the company who is offering the job or if you have to go through an agency to apply for the job.

UK job site comparison - number of jobs at each site

Woah! What's going on here? Monster is probably the job site that you have heard of the most and yet it has the fewest number of jobs. Why do people waste their time searching for jobs through Monster lists? Why does indeed have so many jobs? Note that in order for jobs listed by Monster, Reed and the others to be visible I had to limit the scale of this chart.  Indeed, for example, has over 100,000 jobs for managerial positions in the UK which totally dwarves the rest of the job boards and ruined the chart.

The reason why Indeed has so many jobs is that it includes all of the jobs from most of the other job sites listed (one notable absence is jobserve) but also, criticically, they index jobs directly from company career and jobs pages. What does this mean for you the job seeker? Well, if you apply to a job directly through the companies job pages you give yourself two key benefits in your job application vastly increasing your chances of success.

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate of indeed meaning that if you click on any of the Google adverts on the right hand side of their page then I'll earn some pennies. I am also an affiliate of most of the other job sites (who charge money for listing) and would earn more money if I promoted them instead but Indeed really are the best in my opinion.

UK job site review part 2 - the death of the recruitment agent

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