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Post jobs for free, avoid 20% agency fees

Did you know you can post your jobs for free on the biggest jobs network in the UK?  How much do you love it if you get job applicants through your website and avoiding the hefty 15 - 20% fee that agencies levy?  Well, do just that.

More info about posting jobs for free on indeed

Traffic stats for versus competitors job sites

Indeed will bring applications to your job, even though it's free. Look at how their traffic compares to their rivals.

The restrictions are pretty simple, and actually help you improve your job application process. You must have a separate page for the job and a means of applying online for the position. Don't include a CV upload facility and you get the chance to chat to the person before you see their CV. Remember, that looking at a CV is looking at an abstraction of a person and speaking to them directly will always give you far more information to base your hiring decision on.

If you can't make a web page for your specific job, there are far cheaper options than using agencies. We charge only £40 to post your job through indeed sponsored listings which do not require a specific web page.

Post a job IMMEDIATELY for £40 ($60) without needing a web page

If you ask a couple of tough questions in your application form you should be able to weed out the chaff but bear in mind that some talented applicants will find it harder to sell themselves than others so try and ask specific questions that will help all candidates apply equally such as:

  • Why should I hire you?
  • What specific achievements do you have so far that make you suited to this role?

Remember, to get good answers you should describe the job well. Describe the role, describe their future team-mates, describe their manager, link them to information about your company and sell the position honestly. I am creating a tool to assist with job advert creation but until then, try and think of using words in the advert that characterise what you need in the person you are trying to hire like hard-working, passionate as well as detailing the skills you need. Choose words that fit your culture so you attract more of the right kind of candidates for the role.

Look at our hiring page for examples

Consider adding a 'What happens next?' link on your job applications.  This will provide clear information to the candidate, helping them to relax and also gives you more statistics about job applicant behaviour.

Once your job page is ready, submit it to indeed for free using the link below.


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