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UK Job Site Review - Summary

When it comes to finding a job, there really is only one winner in the job search space - Indeed Job Search. They entered the UK market in 2007 and have rapidly become the leader when it comes to number of job postings. Don't forget the massive benefit that they often provide links directly to the hiring companies job application.

The reason they are so successful is because they are really trying to revolutionise the job search space. For example, it is possible for companies to get their jobs posted on Indeed for FREE meaning not only do companies avoid the 20% overhead that agencies charge, they also don't even have to pay job-board listing costs. Finally, they have most of the of the jobs of the other job boards on there too, so if you're a regular user of Monster then you can still use Indeed instead since all Monster jobs are listed on Indeed.

There is one downside that I can think of which is really an upside. Since Indeed link you directly to the companies job application page this will mean there may be additional job related questions at the target companies site. This means you will be able to apply to fewer positions since you will have to seriously consider each role and company you are applying to and you won't be able to just spam your CV out to multiple jobs. CV spamming is such a bad idea anyway that you should actually be pleased about this. Be prepared to investigate the company you are interested in, try and find someone you know who works there (this will often bypass the application process getting you an interview immediately) and if that fails fill out their application form.

I am not suggesting that you stop using the other job sites - some of the others still have their plus points. JobServe has the market well covered when it comes to IT or financial positions and their jobs are not listed on Indeed so if you're in one of these markets I'd still search the other sites too.

If you have found a job through another job board but you can't find the company name who is hiring, why not try searching for similar text through Indeed? Chances are high that you'll be able to apply directly to the company giving yourself a much better chance of getting an interview.

Here's a summary of the data I used in part 1 of this review and links to the various job sites - good luck in your search!

Job Site Teacher Web Developer Nurse Financial Analyst Office Assistant Manager
Monster 2 531 36 461 174 1000
Reed 150 170 600 1000 1000 1000
Jobserve 0 2020 110 1629 210 1222
eFinancialCareers 0 30 0 610 24 1235
fish4jobs 544 216 1359 55 26 1200
totaljobs 312 190 341 49 33 13194
jobsite 49 489 95 272 85 2600
Indeed 12113 9560 12177 12111 5230 105130

Number of jobs found in London, UK on the 3rd May 2011