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Matiogi to start tweeting new job openings

As part of our ongoing efforts to help people find jobs, we will be aiming to tweet new job openings on a daily basis.

These tweets will be centred around companies creating new jobs and if you're in the hunt for a job, getting in early is a great way to overcome any other deficiencies you may have in your CV or Resume. We will be posting news for all of our key markets including:

  • New job openings in the UK and Ireland
  • New job openings in the US and Canada
  • New job openings in Australia and NZ
  • New job openings in India and Pakistan

We will occassionally post new job openings for our other markets including South Africa, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.

To take advantage of this service, follow Matiogi on twitter.

Top 4 Tips For New Job Openings

  1. The job openings will all have various lead times - mostly the jobs will be available in 1 to 3 months time.
  2. Get involved as early as you can - i.e. before they actually start advertising the jobs
  3. The company will have an HR team to fill these spots - find out who they are and get in touch
  4. If you don't manage to get one of the job openings in your area, remember there will almost always be related job openings - e.g. a new factory opening somewhere will mean that new staff will be needed for bus services, local shops, delis, restaurants etc.

Retweet These Job Openings

If the new job opening in the tweet is not suitable for you, consider retweeting it anyway so your followers can take advantage of the early news. 

As always, good luck in the job hunt.

David Hilditch

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