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About us

Matiogi is a UK based company who have been providing recruitment aids to the industry since 2000.  We specialize in psychometrics, most commonly DISC behavioural profiling tools and Learning Speed Tests.  These are used successfully by companies around the world to significantly improve their recruitment efforts.  By providing companies with additional information on the candidates, we provide open talking points for the candidate and employer which really help get the candidate talking.

By making this information available to the public we believe we are improving the recruitment industry and the employment environment as a whole.  In our experience, far too few people are self-aware or even care to be self-aware.  By providing this information to everyone interested in improving we believe self-improvement will result, increasing talent, improving team-working, improving communication and ultimately increasing happiness for all concerned.

Matiogi Ltd (Company number 4093204) is registered in the UK.

Our address is:

Matiogi Ltd
Suite 208
47 Timberbush

VAT: 769 5550 79

You can contact us using the contact us page

Want to use our tools in your business?

Head over to our partner site, Improved Employees where you can find out all about our tools for benchmarking your existing staff base and integrating our system into your recruitment process to improve the quality of staff at your company in a measurable way.

Affiliates - Want to sell our products?

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate or a distributor, please use the contact us page in the first instance.

We provide fantastic commissions for affiliates, with no start-up cost. You can integrate the entire TeamBuilder administration system into your own website for use by your own customers. Contact us for more details.

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